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Song: Planet X
Artist: Lupine Howl
Album: The Carnivorous Lunar Activities of...(2001)
Writers: Lupine Howl

Transcribed by a little soul

Notes: Another personal favorite. Features bizarre,
'splashing' percussion, and ultimately proves a highly
evocative soundscape, evoking the rainy, rundown
metropolis of Rugby better than any other song I've
yet heard. Listen closely for Sean Cook's highly
emotive, violent blues-harp solos, always a hallmark
of his best work. This also has the best lyric on the
LP, although I defy anyone to figure out what the
bloody hell Cook is referring to in the title. There
is no lead or rhythm guitar; I have tabbed out the
chords as they are implied by Cook's scales and his

Effects: None.

Tuning: This can be played in standard tuning (EADGBE)
or downtuned 1 full step (DGCFAD). See 'chords'
section for details. In addition, for the bass riff
the E string (which, by the way, is actually downtuned
to D) is downtuned a _further_ step to C.

Time signature: 4/4 (I think)

Tab symbols: (I always use these)
/ = slide up
\ = slide down
b = bend
r = release
~ = vibrato
h = hammer-on
p = pull off

In standard tuning:
C5 - X355XX
Bb5 - X133XX

I always use these A shaped chords. It lends a better
tonality to things.

In downtuning:
D5 - X577XX
C5 - X355XX

And now the song :)

Bass riff: (note the tunings: - bass downtuned 1 step,
D string tuned down a further step)

F --------------------------------------------
C --------------------------------------------
G ----------------------------5-3-0-----------
C -0---0-0-0----0-0-0---0-0-0-------5-3-2-(p0)

Guitar riff: (tabbed for a guitar downtuned 1 full
step, played on the E string downtuned to D)

D -12b13---r12\10---------------------------
(Repeated many times throughout)

In standard tuning:
C5 (3 bars)
Bb5 (1 bar)
repeat for whole song.

If downtuned 1 full step:
D5 (3 bars)
C5 (1 bar)
repeat through entire song.

That seems to be it! Phew. Well that wasn't too
difficult. Anyway, I hope that this page proves to be
of some use to you. Do drop me a line
( and we'll chat if you have
any questions or clarifications. Remember this is all
from memory so it might be erroneous.

a little soul

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