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Song: Carnival
Artist: Lupine Howl
Album: The Carnivorous Lunar Activities of...(2001)
Writers: Lupine Howl

Transcribed by a little soul

Notes: Probably the best song on this disc, and quite
a long one at that...brilliantly evokes blues and
psychedelia in equal measure. The song also adheres to
rather strict minimalist principles, which makes it
lovely to listen to and easy to transcribe. The lead
riff is very MC5ish. An edgy, angry song. I should
also complement the immaculate use of effects, bass
and percussion.

Effects: The lead guitar boasts a wah-wah pedal. Aside
from that, use your imagination. There has been a
great deal of production work put into this song and
others on the record; pretty shockingly detailed
arrangements for indie music. Knowing the Howl's
pedigree, this is not too surprising.

Tuning: Actually I play this in the key of Gm,
downtuned one step; however, I have tabbed this for Fm
instead because that is the open position alternative
(EADGBE). Realistically though I think this was
written for a guitar uptuned 1/2 step, and the chords
in question are in fact Em, G, and A. That said...

Time signature: 4/4


Fm (133111 or XX3111)
Ab (466544)
Bb (688766)*

*Most people would play this as 113331; however, a
great deal of the song's thrust comes from its sliding
flavor. I feel that playing Bb in this shape is
absolutely vital by consequence.

The first two minutes or so of the song is reliant on
the bass riff and is only one chord:
Fm (many bars)

Fm (4 bars)
Bb (4 bars)
repeated several times.

Then the chorus:
Main riff: (played on chorus)

Fm (2 bars)
Ab (2 bars)
Bb (2 bars)
F (2 bars)

(repeat many times, with main riff)

That seems to be it! Phew. Well that wasn't too
difficult. Anyway, I hope that this page proves to be
of some use to you. Do drop me a line
( and we'll chat if you have
any questions or clarifications. Remember this is all
from memory so it might be erroneous.

a little soul

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