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Subject: CRD: Cruel to be Kind


I have enjoyed ftp-ing to pub/guitar and downloading some great stuff!!
I'm sure that I am one of many who enjoy the service that you provide.
Keep up the great work!!

I wish that posters would learn that only the whole song is useful.
When someone posts a song with just the opening riff or a few of the
words, it is pretty useless. I would suggest that you identify these
partials with some kind of extension like .inc or .part to indicate that
they might not be worth downloading.

Anyway, here's a tasty old biscuit by Nick Lowe for the archives.
I'm also sending a new George Thorogood in a separate messsage.

Ken Tanguay

Cruel to be Kind
Nick Lowe

Intro: C-Em-F-G (2x)

C Em
Though ..
C Em F Em
You say..
F Em F G
F G Am
You gotta..
F G Em Am
Cruel ..
F G Em Am
G C-Em-F-G
Ba-by, ..

Well I ..
But ..
I pick ..
To ..
When I .


Verse 2 - Well I do my best ...

CHORUS (3x) fade

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