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Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 14:49:43 -0700
From: Bob Cimikowski <>
Subject: CRD: "Coming Up for Air," by Patty Larkin

Coming Up For Air
(Patty Larkin)

(from the CD entitled "Perishable Fruit")

(Transcribed by Bob Cimikowski (

Comments: This is one of the most soothing, relaxing,
intoxicating songs I have ever heard. Jane
Siberry's backing vocals have a lot to do with that.
Most remarkably, it is EASY to play, unlike
many of Larkin's songs. Just strum the 3 chords
forward and back repeatedly. Emphasize the base
strings while strumming.

Guitar tuning: eADGAD

Chords: (repeat these ad infinitum)

1: 320000 (note: slide up from chord 2 to chord 3 and back)
2: 332000
3: 554000

1 2 3 2
we are surrounded by so much water
1 2 3 2 etc.
that we might as well get a boat
or we could swim like neptune's daughters
to the other side of the moat

coming up for air
rising to a very new somewhere
coming up for air
on the last breath around

we are sleeping in a canyon
where the walls rise up to the sky
we could reach the rim by standing
and begin to breathe with a sign


we are swaying like a willow
that is weeping over the view
we could wave goodbye
and fly into the hills
and into the blue


on the last breath around
on the last breath around

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