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The Ballad of Karim-Abdul Dawood

By: The JY Connection


I'm 99.9% sure that the chords are right. The JY Connection is a huge
group in Canada and Japan; this single did pretty well. It's a pretty
funny song too. I'll post their next songs when they come out.

Chords for verses and chorus: Dm G C C7


There's a little boy living in my place (in our place)
4'6(one) and you cannot see his face (you're asking why?)

It's because he has $90 dollar rubber bands on his hair (yucky)
But anything is better than the U of T beret that he wears (it smells)

He's spends one hour showering(a week) I have no idea what he does
(I do)
The kid spends hours on ICQ (a day) on his crappy Compaq C-P-U


United Anus Emirates, we stand on guard for thee

Karim Abdul (Habush) Dawood, we still love you (habush you)


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