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Song: Saeen
Artist: Junoon
Album: Inquilaab
Tabbed by : Wasim Abbas (WAZ)

Hi there every one. I've searched the net alot for Junoon's Tab but couldn't find any so I thought
I might just do it myself. SO here is SAeen...I havent got the whole song down yet but this
much should help you play it at a party or something.


Em C Am Em
Saeen Tu he Mera Sacha Saeen Tu hai
Em C Am Em
Main tera Banda tu he mera Maula Saeen
Tu he mera Maula Saeen.

Verse 1:

Em Am
Naqsh Hai tera Qayam Dayam-----|
C Am X2
Naqsh Khayali Tu Mae-----------|
C Am
Tu He razak Tu he Malik
Tera Sawali Huun mae.


Verse 2:

Chorus:....till fade.

THats it Folks.....I think If u play it fast for the 2nd Verse its really gonna
sound cool. So thats all I could figure out. U might think its soundin' weired when u play it first
But it should sound fun...later.

any emails or suggesttions waz416@hotmail.com
Tabbed by Wasim Abbas
C u Rockers.

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